Rules Of This Site - Terms of Agreement

  • All members agree to uphold a friendly, practical, lawful and non discriminating culture that not only includes this approach within this group but also outside of this group. This includes when referring to this group whether inferred or otherwise and is at the discretion of the admin of this group.

  • We agree to not feed into “vape drama” rather we promote the use of positive solutions to issues that promote better outcomes to all members.

  • Ultimately we are here to learn, share and care about all members in this group and uplifting us all to be the very best mixers we can be and agree to promote this spirit.

  • Whilst we are an Australian based diy e-liquid group we do welcome others from around the world and we agree that we must remain respectful of each other’s culture.

  • We agree to post in relation to e-liquid mixing and closely associated issues with no more than 3 personal posts per day. Comments, help and supply of friendly advice and encouragement are without limit.

  • Video posts/Photo posts are welcome and encouraged however please stick with “PG” standards when posting and provide info and/or encouragement.

  • Zoom room is for members only and the same standards as per this “group mantra” is encouraged.

  • Have fun, make the best recipe to vape, mix others recipes respectfully so you and your peers can enjoy the most affordable and pleasant solution to keep away from those horrid stinkies.

  • DDU holds no responsibility or accountability for anyone who does not take care to understand their local laws and expects that all members ensure they take due diligence.

  • We agree not to provide legal or medical advice unless qualified to do so and approved by an admin.

  • We understand that by not posting or being active within the group over an extended period (discretion of admin) may result in removal. We would rather have 10 active members than 10000 members that aren’t active.

  • Vendors who sell and distribute DIY E-Liquid and related products are welcome to post their wares once a week but must MUST gain the approval before the first post from an Admin.

  • Members who post with intent or otherwise to gain favours for themselves from vendors will not be tolerated. We conduct ourselves for maximum benefit and opportunity for the whole group.

  • We Can not offer advice regarding where to buy nicotine in Australia. Please don’t ask because unfortunately it is illegal to use and possess in Australia.

  • Any content posted in "Public View area's may be shared by "DIY Downunder".

  • "DIY Downunder" and any sponsors or recipients of any benefits hold no resposibility for any content posted or provided by members. 


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