Wild Strawberry Tea ( Stixx Mixx)

By MB 2018

Set- up Tested on the psyclone RDA at 40, 60 and 80 watts at 4% and 6%

Flavor profile: a lovely green tea without the musky dark dirt earth notes that some green teas can have . On the exhale I get the bright sweet strawberry with a back tropical fruit note. The deeper green notes come forward at the higher percentages and at the higher wattages.

Stixx mixx description Japanese Sencha green tea with a refreshing strawberry and papaya.

Use: this is a wonderful green tea base that is easy to work with. . You can easily add some blueberry, boysenberry

, raspberry or billberry for more of a fruit forward mix It also lends it self to an arnold palmer style lemonade/ tea mix. if you want a more tropical floral note this would work well with pink guava, and lemon grass, hibiscus and honey suckle.

Recommended range Recommended at 4-8%

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