Why Pair Flavours ?

Article by Pippa Starr 14/02/20

They say flavour is the spice of life, I say be in control of your flavours, mix them up and ride that journey on a magic carpet and have epic fun!

When we are out and about we have so many choices of flavour and no doubts we wish we could have all the choices sometimes. I mix up different sodas & slushies together at any given opportunity. Some of you may have had the good fortune of getting behind a bar and experimenting, however unless you are an experienced flavour chemist you wont know exactly how one flavour will work with another. Even qualified chefs, bar attendants & brewers need to test flavours together first before putting their offerings out there.

In DIY eliquid creation testing flavour pairs is just as important.

How do we know what to pair together?

This is why single flavour testing in my opinion is so important. You have notes from that now, so you can refer to what it is that you wish to get from that flavour.

First you need to hypothesize what may happen before you put your flavours together.

eg. I want to create a bright yet slightly tart strawberry flavour that I want to postition in a strawberry coconut pie recipe.

Refer back to your SFT notes and choose what strawberry you think may work in this situation the best, then also look along at the other flavours that you have taken notes of to consider what to pair with the strawberry to help get this recipe started. What flavour would help make that strawberry a little brighter? How would that work in a strawberry pie?

Consider all the options and once you have, it's time to test pairing these flavors together to get this recipe started. WAIT!!! What percentage will we use?

I suggest to always use a lower percentage of flavour when pairing flavours in a recipe than you would in a SFT, it's easier to add later! Unless you want a particular flavor to completely dominate your mix.

In the following example I will illustrate how I would go about flavour pairing to assist in building this recipe.

The Recipe - Strawberry Coconut Pie

Bright yet delicious strawberries smothered in a sweet & creamy and coconut pie.

Flavour Pair Aim - To try and make the strawberry brighter and maybe bring in some creaminess if possible.

Flavours to pair - Flavour Art Red Touch Strawberry 2% & 1.5 % Capella Lemon Meringue Pie

Hypothesis - I am hoping for a little lemon to help brighten the strawberry and to start creaming up the recipe a bit.

After you have paired your desired 2 flavours together and patiently waited for the steep, write down what you taste, did you achieve the aim? Don't worry if it didn't, but write down what you did learn at these %'s from the flavours you used. Consider another pairing may be required or your pairing may be perfect.

Do you have to do this for every recipe?

No, you wont need to do this all the time, as you build experience you will get used to what certain flavours will achieve for you. However, this is a more accurate way of learning how certain flavours and types of flavours often work together or not. If you develop recipes in this way from the start or starting today, you will find that your recipes will not only get better but the overall flavour profile will be a lot more refined and the overall recipe will have a lot more clarity. Taking a look at how flavours together have worked in positively reviewed recipes can also guide you somewhat as well. So give it a go today!

Have fun with this! Remember mixing is a journey & you're not on alone here with this here at DIY Dowunder! We are all here to help, & that's why we say -

"Together, Let's Discover!!"

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