What RDA do you use to test your mixes?

Let me start off by saying there is not a right or wrong answer here . I have tried many different RDAs to see what seems to give me the best flavor for certain flavor profiles. I have found that aiflow that comes in from low / under the coils - in a smaller chamber with a higher wattage works for mostly higher VG bakery notes. For example the drop, Kennedy, coilart DPRO, Aura and nudge .

The Psyclone, Wasp nano, Pulse, Flave and Hadlay are interesting as I find they have smaller chamber with a restrictive airflow, and if used at mid range wattage help to bring out more subtle notes. While the bold bakery notes and base notes seem to mute down a bit.

Lastly I have found that the new MTL RDAs/ pods that have come out (IE berserker MTL and not so new kayfun lite ) do not actually provide enough airflow to optimize the flavor on bakery and find it seems to fall flat with higher VG low nix mix. . I think the thing to remember is when you are making mixes for MTLs there are flavor profiles and VG/PG ratios that seem to work better. MTL RDAs seem to work best with higher PG to VG ratio (IE 60/40) with a less complex profile and lean toward fruits , mint, menthol, Tabacco and more linear flavor. You are able to use flavors and percentages that would not work in a other RDAS

So what has your experience been?


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