What is Old is New Again

So one of the first rebuild-able atomizers ( RTA) I bought was a second hand Kayfun lite. It took me a bit to figure out how to build the darn thing and then when i finally did get it built - I was really disappointed with the flavor I got from it. It took me a while to figure out what juice really worked in that low wattage, restricted airflow device. (This type of RTA can sometimes be called mouth to lung type tank-MTL - since it mimics how you take a drag from a cigarette). I finally put naked 100 green blast in it and found that it just came alive in that set up as compared to my higher wattage subohm tanks. I found that there are certain flavor profiles that just work better in low wattage, restricted airflow, high ohm devices. At least for me - I found that fruit combinations, mint menthol and sweet candy recipes really worked well and I had very little success with custards, creams and ice cream based recipes.

So fast forward to the current hype with POD systems essentially PODSs are restricted airflow, low wattage devices. Basically they are an all in one mouth to lung (MTL) device. So in doing some development research for POD recipes it dawned on me that many of my OG MTL recipes could be tweaked and work for pods. So if you have some OG MTL low wattage recipes sitting in your files - dust them off , update them and post them them!

Here is one I updated and use in my Mi_ONE pod.


SO what are you doing here reading this - get out there and mix!




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