What Flavours Should I Buy?

Updated: Feb 7

Article by - Pippa Starr 6 February 2020

One of the most important decisions to make when creating and making eLiquid is navigating what flavours you need to create your all day vape. It's not an easy decision and each person who chooses to DIY their own eLiquid will have some different methods of how they choose what they do to buy.

First let's look at some of the reasons why people buy what they buy -

  • 1/ To create a vape as close as possible to an all day vape they have experienced before.

  • 2/ Like the sound of the flavour, takes their interest and sounds yummy.

  • 3/ Their friend(s) said it was awesome.

  • 4/ Because it's new and want to keep up with all the flavors that are newest & the coolest to have.

There are no right or wrong reasons to buy any flavor you like. This is your unique DIY mixing journey. However because time and money are our two most precious commodities we have on earth, I will offer you some tips on how to save some of both.

Step 1

Write down what sort of recipes you would like to try first.

Step 2

Open a free account & search on e-liquid-recipes.com and/or alltheflavors.com for recipes that suit what you are looking for that are also well rated and reviewed.

Ask in our facebook group if anyone has tried or created a recipe like what you are looking for, we are a helpful lot and love to share our recipes.

Step 3

Once you have located a recipe or a few you would like to try, then make a list of the required concentrates and let's go shopping!

What? You want to just dive in and create your own recipe without out trying others first?

Sure, you can try that but I want to save you money and time right? You can jump in and experiment if you have lots of time and money but by mixing others recipes you will learn heaps more a lot faster and achieve success quicker, to reach that sense of self achievement please read on...

Step 4

Let's go shopping!

Checkout our files in our facebook group of tried, tested & proven reliable registered businesses where you can obtain your new flavors.

It's day one of mixing, Yay!! Your flavors have arrived, you have your bottles, your syringes &/or scales ready for action along with your enthusiasm for your first mix!! Congratulations!!

Mix up that recipe carefully and shake that good thing up till all that eliquid bubbles up beautifully. Taste it after you shake it. Take notes, what do you taste? What's good? What's not? What can you taste the most or less of? Try adjusting the temperature/wattage and/or airflow of your atomizer to see how that varies the flavour to where you prefer it the most.

Don't worry if it doesn't taste incredible right after shaking.

Most eLiquids require at least 2-3 days to steep and some creamier or custard style recipes need at least a week and in some cases longer. A good recipe creator will always indicate on their recipe how long their recipe takes to reach the best flavour.

Check in with your latest mix every few days and note what changes you have experienced since writing down your initial thoughts right after you first mixed it.

You should now have some bottles of concentrates with left over contents after mixing the recipe.

It's now time to take the next step to fast-tracking your mixing knowledge so you can mix your own recipes like a boss!

In the next article we are going to cover single flavour testing of those flavours you have left over after mixing that recipe you just mixed. We will have you mixing like a boss in no time.

Hang in there, enjoy that recipe you just mixed or if your not enjoying it, try mixing another & take notes of what was not working for you.

If you think you can mix like a boss already and/or you have found your all day vape that you are happy with in the recipe you just mixed that's awesome! If your ready to go to the next level then click on this next article called "Single Flavour test Like A Boss!"

Meanwhile if you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask them to the over 2000 helpful members in our FB group as we are all here to help!

That's why we say

Together, Let's Discover!!!

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