WF Sweet & Sour Rhubarb (SC)

I was given this flavor it does not alter or change my review Gear Tested on recurve Alien Ni80 .23 40 and 60 watts SUGGESTED DILUTION RATIO: 1-4% from WF Steeped 10 days Percentages Used and Description

3% on the Inhale I get a tart rhubarb, with some sweet berry notes on the end. This is like a cooked type of rhubarb, although I am not getting much of a jammy note here . It is bright, and there is a clear tartness to it, almost like a tart green apple perhaps Not much mouth feel here. I think adding a sweeter or sweet fruit to it would make it really pop and be more vibrant. I have actually enjoyed vaping it as a single flavor

Off flavors

I do get a slightly bitter tart note but that seems to be part of the profile not sure I would call that an off note Pairings / Uses

I can see adding this to some sweet orange, apple or strawberry for a really nice type of fall rhubarb relish type mix. I think with some other jammy fruit flavors this could be a pie filling but it would need support to move it in that direction. This is ideal as a bright top note to any mix. I actually think this could be really interesting in a cocktail beverage; adding this to WF cranberry cocktail, VT vodka, with some Sweet strawberry and and lime would be a nice vibrant mix

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