WF Marscarpone Cream Cheese (SC)

By MB 2018

Gear Tested on recurve Alien Ni80 .23 40 and 60 watts SUGGESTED DILUTION RATIO: 1-4% from WF Steeped 10 days Percentages Used and Description1.5% and 3% sweet cream with a slight tang on the finish, the tang is more present at 3%. The aroma is a bit more potent and cream cheese forward then found in the actual vape. The tang does tend to fad a bit after a steep and the creamy texture does seem to increase . There is a nice full mouth feel . No difference between 40w and 60w Off flavorsNone , I do not get any butyric off notes - but it is cream cheese and you expect to get some of the "cheesiness" lol Comparison to Similar flavors if any FLV Brie cheese - Marscrarpone cream cheese is slightly more creamy and sweeter then the Brie. it also has more of a tang then Brie . Marscrapone is a bit more "amped" up to me. I also get more of a more a dry almost crumble cheese finish from the brie Pairings / Uses use with pear, apple and berries. other butter creams for a cream cheese icing For desert fillings that have a sweet cheese base such as a cannoli filling, or the filling for a cheese danish. Added to yes we can cheese cake for a really creamy cheesecake with some more tang . Added to yogurt for some more texture and a tangy back note . I can also see this being ideal for a tiramisu Recipe High end berries and Yogurt ( Mech Mod RN)

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