WF Cranberry Cocktail (SC)

This flavor was given to me it does not alter my view or opinion

GEAR tested on a recurve with a .22 alien ni 80 at 40 and 60 watts

Company description none

recommended percentage SUGGESTED DILUTION RATIO: 1-4%

tested at 2.5 %and 4% steeped 7 days

Description: This is a sweet cranberry base with some other fruit notes - I get a bit of grape and maybe apple - there is a slight citrus note on the back end perhaps a lime. I do not get a strong forward bright tart cranberry here, to me this is a base to build from - like a fruit beverage blender. it feels a bit light, which can work if you are using it as a fruit cocktail base, as it will not dominate the profile you want to build. Taking it to 4% does bring a little more of the sweet cranberry note forward but not very much, it is not really the type of cranberry this is intended for. This is like those cranberry mixed fruit juice drinks that has some other fruits in them.

Comparison: FLV cranberry and FLV cranberry and apple WF is a lighter flavor profile as compared to FLV cranberry / FLV cran apple which is a very in you face tart bright cranberry

Pairings: I can see this being a nice base to use for a beverage or cocktail to build on , adding any fruit that you want to have pop out as this will not overtake those flavors. You can add any fruit such as orange peach, apple, grape or lime and make a really tasty fruit beverage . I can also see this being nice in green tea mix with some Orange, and spice and it will not over take the lighter green tea notes


mark Sr grummy old men's cocktail

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