Wake Up Australia !

This video may be a bit older but it is still relevant. This is a big part of why there are still issues around vaping. What has this got to do with Australia? We have a massive defense alliance with the USA, we suck up to the USA government because to be frank we are defenseless without them. Our government have to be seen as the the little sibling that the USA are proud to help protect and that includes sadly often even taking on their insanity with the way they legislate on many issues. In this sadly vaping is caught up. There is no other reason that the "Clever Country", Australia would otherwise be turning their back on this amazing opportunity of a lifetime that our commonwealth counterparts and allies in the UK & New Zealand are going. Both of those countries governments now not only see vaping as a major opportunity to reduce smokers numbers but also have governments that promote vaping as a viable at least 95% safer alternative to smoking. Wake up Australia!

Checkout the Video link below to learn more.


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