Vitamin E Acetate Found In Nicotine eLiquid , Is this for Real !

Nov 15 2019 Written By Pippa Starr

"It's like trying to ban boiled lollies while street crack is killing people. ."

Sensationalism, lies, fake news and inaction has cost lives! How many exactly will be probably never known as publications continue to either get it very wrong or deliver fake news that scare mongers people away from vaping. A recent publication released in the "Long Beach Post" news website on November 13 illustrates just how careless reporting is costing lives.

They reported "the acetate was found in both nicotine and cannabis-styled vaping oils authorities reported that a higher percentage of illegally sold THC-containing products had large concentrations of the acetate that they believe could be contributing to scores of health issues."

There has not been one evidenced case of vaping a nicotine eLiquid that has contained Vitamin E acetate or any evidenced case at all that has been proven beyond doubt that vaping nicotine eLiquid has caused or contributed to any of the tragic deaths that have occurred from vaping. Vitamin E acetate is used to cut THC based oil in bad black market products that have nothing to do with vaping conventional nicotine eLiquid products.

However, massive bans have taken place and continue to take place while thousands of jobs & businesses that help smokers to switch to a safer alternative have been lost. This has all happened largely based upon the lies and misinformation that has taken place over recent months spruiked vexatiously by hype action mothers groups like "PAVe", inaction by the CDC, ill informed representatives and now even our media have become to know this situation as their convenient truth.

However it's an inconvenient truth that the bigger and true story isn't being heard and it's costing lives. The USA currently faces the challenge of keeping black market THC oils off the market. Government resources are being drained and diverted with hearings causing bans on nicotine eLiquids that have nothing to do with Vitamin E acetate cut THC oil products. It's like trying to ban boiled lollies while street crack is killing people. They can both be inhaled in similar methods so let's go after the less of the two evil's, right?

That is the current insanity of the situation and it is severely effecting smokers who have not been able to stop with any other method. Vaping with safely made eLiquid has been proven to be a lot safer than smoking in many reliable studies including one from the same institution that originally called out the harms of combustible tobacco smoking in the early 60's. However, the authorities keep burning valued tax payers dollars on hearings attacking vapers rights while the death rate & hospital admissions caused by vaping black market THC oils cut with Vitamin E acetate keep rising.

Bans continue and the focus of addressing the alleged teen vaping epidemic have only confused the real issue as governments allow the lines of vaping nicotine eLiquid & Vaping Black Market THC Based cut with Vitamin E acetate to get blurred so badly that lives continue to be lost while good businesses that help smokers to quit go under while the death toll rises from the use of black market THC products.

The question really is here, how much longer will the American and world public stand for the fake news and misinformation put before government authorities before it becomes their child that is effected by a black market product ?

Vaping a nicotine eLiquid has cost zero lives Vs Vaping a Black Market THC oil product 31 deaths and rising!

The fact is most people don't even know that this is happening or care!

That is, until you share this article so that others may learn the truth of why Americans are dying unnecessarily.

Refs: Long Beach Post News article


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