Vape Train - Sugar-loaf Pineapple

Setup: recurve with a .25 clapton coil.

Testing: Vape Train Sugarloaf Pineapple, 2% and 6%, 70/30 VG/PG base, Steeped 5 days.

Vape Train description: Flavoured DIY Concentrate for e-liquid making is a sweet and juicy white fleshed pineapple. We’ve created this pineapple flavour for those e-juice recipes that need a sweeter and juicer type of pineapple. Great flavor as a mixer or even use it as a standalone.

Flavor Description: vibrant, tart pineapple with some candy sweetness on the finish. The candy finish is very similar to a pineapple gummy candy. Some nice juiciness with a fleshy texture and a slight syrup finish. Comparing it to INW pineapple this is a much more vibrant and fuller flavor. It is similar to CAP golden pineapple but has more of a candy finish to it, and is slightly less juicy then CAP golden pineapple. Vape train did a really nice job balancing the sweetness with the bright fresh fruit.

percentages: I’d start around 3% as an additive and use this closer to 6-8% as a primary flavor. flavor did fad a tad by day 5 but not very noticeable.

Pairing : I think this would work best with other fruits, beverages, creams, yogurt or with candy. I do not see this being used with bakeries or where a cooked type of pineapple could is needed.

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