Vape Train Banana Custard - Flavor Review

Welcome to my new Flavor Review Article.I will be doing many more of these reviews where I will share with you my honest opinions on concentrates as my palette interprets. This may not represent how they taste for you as we all often have varying intensities of flavor perception. Let's get started with VT Banana Custard. I love a lot of the Vape Train product and what Theo does to help our community including an ongoing 10% discount code (found in the FB page files section titled "Where to Obtain Flavors & Mixing Supplies") for us here at DIY Downunder. However as you will soon discover my honest opinion is exactly that! Please enjoy, comment and give us your thoughts whether you agree or not with any of my flavor reviews and enjoy the journey! :) "Together, Let's Discover!" :) Setup: Vapresso Revenger with Oumier Wasp RDA single Big Boy Comp Wire n90/n80 fused claptons. The core is N90 & the wrap is N80 coil from set up at 0.26 ohm wicked with wick’n’ vape “Cotton Bacon” and vaped at 50w Testing: VT Banana Custard at 4% 70vg/30pg ratio steeped for 2 weeks Flavor Description: A nice warm home-made style custard with some almost authentic banana notes. It is definitely yummy enough to use as a one shot at 4%. It’s not overly thick or rich rather it seems balanced and a little creamy. Off Flavors: nil it’s very pleasant all the way through. Uses & Pairings: While it’s a good base concentrate I can see how you could build off this with some an enhancement. I could see how a little Butterscotch and Caramel could bring this up a little more and if you wanted a deeper banana tone WF Banana Puree or TFA Banana Fosters could also work quite well here. mmm Maybe their Xmas Pudding concentrate? Notes: A great simple yet yummy enough base concentrate to enjoy stand-alone or to build off. Maybe a bit of VT Golden Syrup might be a nice addition to satisfy the sweet tooth. What have I learned from this flavor?I have learned that some flavors can be ok as a single flavor although that is rare in my experience. This concentrate while quite pleasant as a single flavor would be helped along with some enhancement in my opinion. I think this one could be a good starter concentrate for those newer to mixing, enjoy! :)

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