The Mike Vapes Wotofo "Recurve", RDA of 2018?

"An awesome RDA that I look forward to testing and enjoying flavors on for years to come! "

I'm not into hype, fat clouds or hairy legs but I am a flavor chaser. Yesterday my shipment arrived with my new Wotofo Mike Vapes "Recurve" RDA. It was "rebuild and clean day" for me so I unpacked this little piece of aesthetic beauty and popped it on my Tesla Steampunk and they made such a lovely couple.

But there needed to be an adjustment before they got to close together as the "Recurve" needed the squonk pin switched out for the standard adjustable 510 pin that came in the box. After hunting through the 3 sealed black bags that were all stamped "Comp Wire" I eventually found it. 1 bag was cotton, 1 bag for coils & 1 bag contained the spare screws, 510 pin and spare o rings, tools ect. I looked for a screwdriver to change out the 510 pin but there was only a phillips tip screwdriver in the box but I needed a no.1 slotted screw driver for the squonk pin.

So I asked ST Vapes & Mark Fagan what to do. As they offered their "expert" advice of using a bread and butter knife or fingernail I found my own jewelers screw driver nearby and drew on my 20 years of hardware retail experience and laughed off the advice given by the 'experts" under my breath. Nothing personal but really guys? lol

I found that while it was simple enough to pop out after a few turns so was a minute little clear/whitish O ring that I nearly lost. The middle of the RDA also loosened one side a bit, so I carefully turned the RDA upside down and found that kept it together nicely while I popped in the 510 pin being careful not to forget to put that little white O ring back in with it while i screwed it in.

Although tempted to use the coil that came with it I succumbed to temptation to use a Big Boy Comp Wire LLC coil I got through . They are N90/N80 Fused Claptons and at only $8 a pair I got a few pairs a little while ago. They promise awesome flavor so what better way to christen this cute new little RDA! After a little snip of around 8mm (5/16) off each leg I dropped them into the easily accessible holes and screwed them in tight with the screwdriver that I found at the bottom of the box that interestingly also had a hex top on it so if you get desperate for torque one day I guess you could pop a wrench on that ? Due to the nature of the coils I chose I also needed to bend the legs and pry them a little bit so it lined centered above the two little circles on the base while also having enough height to sit just right for the side airflow holes. While this sounds like it was an awkward little job it wasn't due to the awesome little tools that came in with the screws and o rings pack. Not since the Aura RDA had I seen tools like this in a pack with an RDA and I have to say they are so handy to have in your re-coiling and wicking box. After a little pulse & strum of the coils that lit up evenly and beautifully I wicked this baby up with the wicking cotton that came with this RDA. I filled the coil with the cotton till it sat in the little pockets each side at the base of the RDA. After a little feathering of that gorgeously soft and easy to use cotton I dripped over one of my DIY recipes called 'Lemon Lime & Bitters Mate" by Stars and Clouds. After checking that I was at 0.21 ohm and 70 watts I began my first toot with the airflow holes lining up. The cotton has next to zero break in as the flavor became obvious on my second pull. I turned my head like a puppy dog does when you make a strange noise baffled by what I have just experienced. I turn the top cap into various positions as I am blown away by the intensity of flavor while the airflow is like nothing I have encountered in a 22mm single coil RDA before. The design has some how made it possible to vape with a more open airflow but with flavor that IMO is as good as the Hadaly or the Wasp RDA. Rather than feel like your vape is somewhat restricted this new "Curve" RDA unrestricts the airflow while offering the flavor intensity of a high end restricted RDA at the same time. As someone who DIY mixes daily this is mind blowingly awesome! This is now my go to testing RDA. Along with with the simplicity of build, the vape it gives and the overall aesthetic beauty of the design this could very well be the RDA of 2018 IMO. Well done Mike & Wotofo! An awesome RDA that I look forward to testing and enjoying flavors on for years to come! :)

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