The Adore eLiquid Stadium Is Now A Thing!

The Adore eLiquid Stadium Is Now A Thing!

Ladies & Gentlmen, In Australia we have ANZ Stadium, Telstra Stadium, Suncorp Stadium and now it’s my pleasure to introduce you to “The Adore eLiquid Stadium” where mixing eliquid will be a place where much delicious happiness will begin from! Dawn the Director Of Adore eLiquid has not only been amazingly supportive of our new platform but also for many in the greater vape community! Therefore it is with absolute pleasure that I not only publicly announce my mixing Stadium after her amazing company but also announce her as our first Lifetime Membership holder! You can support her by purchasing from 📷 or for us Aussies from 📷 📷💜📷💜📷💜#PurpleArmy

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