Syringes or Scales ?

After working out which bottle to use, the next stepping stone in mixing is to work out the most practical solution of dispensing your new flavorful concentrates.

Why syringe?

When you get started on your DIY journey you don't often wish to make huge capital outlays so using syringes is a nice cheap way to start measuring out your new flavors.

Often larger bottles of concentrates are not capped with a dropper tip so even if you have a scale, having a few syringes are very handy to assist in dispensing your new flavors.

Are they accurate?

Yes as long as your careful and take your time to closely line up your measurements you will get accuracy. If and where possible, try and get syringes with indented calibration (numbered) line markings on them as the ones with the black print often wear off quickly.

Can you reuse? Yes, but wash thoroughly between uses with warm water and allow to dry insuring the needle is also detached and washed through thoroughly as well.

I recommend using a wider gauge blunt tip needle for dispensing PG and PG based concentrates for ease of flow from the syringe (12-14 Guage). When dispensing your VG, I suggest not using the needle tip at all as it is very viscous and VG with flow easier when the needle isn't fitted to the syringe.

Why not use a syringe?

The inconvenience of washing up time as well as extra preparation time often becomes laborious and therefore makes using scales with a dropper bottle a far easier option with a lot less time spent washing out syringes.


Pipettes are also another affordable option that you can use to dispense your PG and PG flavorings with. These are an affordable and decent way to get started mixing as well as very handy to assist dispensing with those larger bottles that don't have a dropper tip. However, while they come with calibrated markings, it it a lot more difficult to get an accurate measurement when using small amounts of concentrate. While very affordable they are non-reusable.


Using scales is arguably the easiest, simplest and cleanest way to measure out your delicious flavors. It is imperative to get a scale that will measure at 0.01g to be useful.

While there are many great affordable jewelry scales available that often only measure up to around 100g - 250g, they may become redundant if you wish to mix larger bottles of eLiquid.

Most PG based flavorings weigh around 1.0g per ml and therefore are easy to measure with when creating batches of elquid up to around 250ml.

I highly recommend getting a scale that can weigh up to at least 500g for ease of use.

The model I highly recommend is the LB-501 scale as I have found after nearly 4 years it is not only accurate and durable but is also one of the most affordable in a scale that is needed to be able to calibrate down to 0.01g.

In Summary

If you only dabble in DIY and don't mix often, grab your self a few syringes. If you want to a reliable long term solution to most situations in DIY, grab a few syringes and a decent scale as you will be thankful for the extra time saved in the long term.

I hope this article helps you in some way on your mixing journey. If you think there is some better &/or updated information that should/could be added to this article, please let me know. Otherwise I hope this has helped you in some way to get started on your mixing journey towards self sufficient and flavorful happiness.


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