Strawberry Fields Forever ......

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

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It seems strawberry and cream is something I always come back to. After caramels, and custards and bakeries I seem to yearn for a bright sweet strawberry. My go to realistic strawberry combination has been Strawberry ripe TPA and Red touch (strawberry) FA - this combination seemed to capture the deep sweet aspects of a ripe strawberry and the lighter greener aspects of a strawberry. Then Juicy Strawberry FA came out and soon became my favorite as it provided the same type of flavor profile as the two flavors.

Here is one of my favorite recipes using it by Fresh03 . One thing to note in this recipe is the use of Apricot as an additive to bring forward the brighter sweeter aspects of the strawberry as well as providing additional mouth feel INW custard is a short steep lighter custard and a nice use in this type of mix. So remember get mixin, cheers!

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