Strawberry Cheesecake Liquid Barn

- MB 2018

I tested this at 6% on a hadaly RDA at 50W, 60W, 70W . This is more of a one shot flavor profile, and a main note.

PROFILE: It is a ripe sweet strawberry with a slight tartness and a sweet cream back note. I do not get much in the way of any other bakery notes or crust. The max on this I think is around 7% as it starts to get more "plastic" notes at that point. Sweetener moves this flavor into a more candied flavor

This flavor would work well in a danish base such as Baker touch LB or cinnamon danish. You could easily add it to Ice cream such a vanilla ice cream ( LB) or add another strawberry such as Juicy Strawberry FA to really bring that strawberry forward. It would also work nicely with a cereal mix such as ceral 27 (CAP) and another dairy such as milky undertones (OOO) or cream (FLV) .

Over all: This is a main note in a mix that you can build round, easy to use for nice solid mix that you can take into a couple of different directions . I moved into a candy mix and it work very well!!

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