Single Flavour Test Like A Boss!

Updated: Feb 8

Article by Pippa Starr 8 February 2020

What is single flavour testing?

The process of mixing your flavour concentrates with your desired ratio of PG & VG and at particular percentages then trying them is called single flavour testing.

Doing this and working out what you enjoy and what you don't from a particular flavour concentrate can really help to fast track your knowledge when it comes to mixing.

Do you really need to do SFT's?

If you don't want to do this, that's ok because this is your journey, however it is of my experience that along with trying your new flavours in a tried and proven recipe as well as trying them separately it can really help you to understand how those particular flavours could work for you in the future. Single flavour testing concentrates leads to inspiration and a lot less perspiration in the future so you can grasp what you really enjoy rather than just leaning on others opinions.

What percentage should you start at ?

There are a few ways to determine this, you could start with a percentage that you have seen used in a proven or well reviewed recipe. You could also ask what others have tried it at in our facebook group. You can search for the flavour in the flavour list on ELR and see what others have used it at. Please consider that what others have enjoyed a particular flavour at may be different for you but a collection of peer information and working out an approximate average from that information is a good place to start.

Let's start with an example:

My New Flavour to single flavour test is Flavorah Caramel

Search for it on ELR Here

Results - % used in recipes 1.1%

Single Flavour Recommended 3.7%

In the notes people are enjoying at between 1-4%,

I see it being used in three different high rated recipes between 0.6%-2%

When using this information I suggest to start mixing your SFT at a lower percentage because it is always easier to add more to your taste once mixed.

In this example I would suggest starting at 1%.

A 10ml sample at your desired PG/VG ratio in most situations should give you a good idea of the flavour. Allow steep time! Around 1-3 days fruits, 2-5 Days bakery's & 5-7+ days for most creams.

In this example I would add 0.5% at a time till I was happy with what I experienced and also to work out what the high point is of that particular flavor.

Take notes of what you liked or didn't or both. This truly helps to retain that information later.

Now you know this flavour well, chances are high that your thinking about what to mix it with and what sort of recipe you would like to try it in or you might be thinking yuck, I don't want that flavour in my life anymore! Either way you are wiser for the experience.

Now your excited right? Your mind is racing, you're thinking Caramel custard, Caramel fudge and more. The next step is to work out what you would like to create with this.

To start that process watch out for my next article coming very soon called

"Why Pair Flavours ?"

Meanwhile if you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask them to the over 2000 helpful members in our FB group as we are all here to help!

That's why we say

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