- By MB 2018

Tested this on a pscyclone at 40, 50, and 80 watts 0.13 ohm coil

Mixed it up at 1.% and 2%

Initial - I get a vanilla, woody , green/ floral, slight caramel profile some body but a bit thin

2 weeks I get more of the deeper flavors of of a rooibis tea with vanilla, caramel, slight woody, the greener floral notes seem to have backed off a bit. It does have some inherent sweetness but leans toward a savory note

2% same flavors but there is some odd off notes I think 2% is a bit of the top here but may settle down after a few weeks steep

This would make a great tea base for a chai, or summer fruit iced tea. FLV milk and honey is a natural fit for this . I can also see this working with tobacco with some of those deeper notes really being a unique support flavor to the tobacco ( but tobaccos are not my thing) might even work in a chai type of cupcake.

here is a mix i used it in

CHEERS - get out there and get mixing


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