Written by Pippa Starr 30 Oct. 2019

Yesterday I was contacted by one of our lovely members to let me know about a sign she saw posted strategically in her local IGA Supermarket in Victoria, Australia.

This is the sign you see to the left reading "NO, YOU CAN'T"....

It appears the huge multi billion dollar backed company are taking some massive initiatives to try and get a hold on our Australian market which is one they haven't been able to penetrate yet with their multi billion dollar developed heat not burn device they call an "IQOS". I took a look at their "unsmoke your world" website and it's obvious they are aiming high to get consumers to advocate for their "healthier alternative to smoking" device into the Australian market with ploys such as petitions, videos and more.

However it appears they aren't looking to help the cause of vapers rather this is a selfish ploy to get their more harmful than vaping device passed & into our market. Naturally the vape industry competes with their device that delivers more harmful & addictive chemicals than most other basic vape devices, so why would they support or assist our industry?

They are the ones with the big dollars that needed to try & develop a product to compete with the vape industry that has significantly eaten into their market share over recent years.

None the less it's an interesting initiative that I think the Australian vape industry should pay attention to because big tobacco will do ANYTHING they can to put this more harmful than most vaping products into our market.

Sure their IQOS is less harmful than smoking, but it's still BIG TOBACCO muscling in on our industry! Vaping was created to counteract BIG TOBACCO in the first place because they didn't care & other BIG PHARMA NRT products weren't working for a lot of people.

So the question is that I leave you with in this short article is, are you ok with this?

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