Pazzo line ( FA) Joker

- BY MB 2018

Tested on a psyclone RDA at 40, 50, 60, 80 watts on a .13 ohm coil @ 6%

Flavor notes after 2 week steep:

it has that fried crispy texture along with some sweetness and a back note cinnamon and chocolate. Some people note a powder sugar - and perhaps that is from the sweetness that does pop out like powder sugar. The deeper bakery notes do come forward as I increased the wattage. I did not test at various % which is what I may try next to see how it may change in various mixes


So I have to hand it to FA with this one as they managed to really capture an authentic cannoli shell. (Being an Italy based company that does make sense)

I do not see this being a one shot single flavor but then if you have ever had a polish cookie called CHRUSCIKI also known as "Angel Wings," and "Bow Ties - this comes pretty close to that as well but does not have the lightness of that cookie

I can see this being the base bakery for many different recipes or for adding that crisp texture note to a cookie recipe such as an elephant ear . I think a vanilla bourbon, RY4, and custard would be a really good mix . The shell for some rich thick eggy ice cream. The crust for a cheesecake mix. This base will stand up to some bolder flavor profiles.

I used in an authentic Italian cannoi recipe

So what are you doing here reading this - get out there and get mixing CHEERS!


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