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Market share: used in over 6000 recipes and used an AVG of 2% in mixes on All the flavors

Profile: Bright, tropical, slightly tart, and RED fruit topnote. Can come across as candied without being overly sugary

Uses: Binding flavors, soften edges and binds flavors together when used at .5% to 1% . It contains Citrate (triethyl) which adds to an emulsifying property. TFA Dragonfruit also has ethyl butyrate & isoamyl acetate, which are complementary to FA Fuji, as both compounds are often used in apple flavors, So a touch of TFA Dragonfruit not only adds some extra juicy tartness to the apple filling flavor, it helps the cinnamon blend into the apple flavor, creating "Cinnamon Apples" instead of "Cinnamon + Apples".

It helps to add another dimension to a mix as an additive, or enhancer to fruits with out adding a distinct flavor to the mix when used at a lower percent ( similar to cactus). Helps Strawberry to be more vibrant around .5% - 1% but can be used higher if using more than a single strawberry flavor.

Can be used at a higher percent as a booster to pineapple flavor to create an almost gummy pineapple candy

TFA Peach (Juicy) also has similar properties , used at the same percentage as dragonfruit.

Some different examples of recipes that use Dragon Fruit

Grack Juice

Mother of Dragon’s Milk


Fantastic ( a fantasia remix)

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