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Updated: Oct 29, 2019

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Percentages 1.5% ( between 1% - 2%)


vanilla, sweet creamy, airy flavor. Adds mouth feel. Below 2% adds sweetness and density without much marshmallow flavor. A bit of a buttery note depending on how much you add.

FA is more creamy and malty. TFA is more sweet and aromatic. Very different flavors. TFA when you want that marshmallow sweetness, FA when you want marshmallow creamy malty mouth feel.


  • Adds a nice fluffy sweetness for a milk shake

  • Additive to add sweetness with out adding additional sweeteners at .5% but if want more of a fullness can go higher to 1.5%

  • Creates a very sugary milk with out creating a syrup note

  • Has dropped out of favor since it is high in maltol can mute other flavors, although can be used to force muting in some flavors that have a high astringency but a flavor you want

  • Can knock off the harshness in other flavors and round them out a bit

Recipes :

Tony’s revenge frosted flakes - steamcraft

Lonesome Maple Bar - Queer your vape

Watermelon Crack – Vurve

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