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Updated: Oct 29, 2019

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Market share:

  • All the flavors recipes - used in 11, 209 recipes at avg 2.23%

  • Next most frequently used is FW Bavarian cream in 1506 mix


Well rounded full creamy butter notes without being dense, has a light sweetness, vanilla and egg without being dominate in a mix. TPA lacks that bit of gelatin that can be part of authentic Bavarian cream as compared to jungle flavors Bavarian cream. ( NOTE: If you have not yet bought a Bavarian cream and have access to Jungle flavor Bavarian cream then it is a better option. JF Bavarian cream is not as eggy and is a fuller traditional Bavarian cream that is not as dense as a custard )


1% to 2%

Would not recommend going higher then 2% as the vanilla notes can dominate and you get muting of other flavors


  • Almost every Iconic recipe has included it. Seems to do a bit of everything for a cream- adds accents of butter, vanilla, and egg without being overwhelming like a custard or a dense ice cream .

  • Pairs will tobacco, nuts, bakery , fruits, works with other creams,

  • It provides a dense gelatinous base and seems to fill in the gaps in mixes. At the same time it does not vanish

  • Some people identify a slight dark sweetness, like a caramel or even an maple note when used slightly higher

  • Subs very well for a recipe with FW Bavarian cream


Leche de Coco (Coconut Milk)

Bavarian Cream Doughnut

The Real Cookies and Cream


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