Keeping it Easy Downunder: TFA Cheesecake Graham Crust

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

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  • Median percent on ATF 2.6% ( range is 2 – 4 )

  • Main cheesecake profile 2.5% to 3%

  • If using over 5% you can get an off note which is more prevalent in the plain TPA cheese cake

Flavor profile

Sweet, rich, milky, thick, creamy with a subtle graham pie crust taste. Slight cocconut note. Does not have the cheese tang that CAP NY cheesecake has

Pairs with

tobaccos fruit bakeries, custard, ice creams, nuts


  • If using with fruit as the main cheesecake note use at 3% and sweetened with a touch of meringue

  • Used under 1.5% to add mouth feel and thickness in mix such as milk shake

  • Used at a low percent 1% or lower with sugar cookie can help to create a crust and support some texture

  • Used at a low percent with a mix that is a coconut profile, drawing on the coconut back note to help bind flavors together and add body

  • Is DAP free as opposed to CAP NY cheesecake

  • Used as part of a trinity cheesecake : TPA cheesecake .25% , CAP NY cheese cake .5% and INW yes we can 1%


Used as the primary cheesecake with fruit

Coops cheesecake

Used as part of a trinity for cheesecake

Dave Berry

Used as a crust and thicker to ice cream

Strawberry Short Cake bar

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