Keeping it Easy Downunder: INW Shisha Vanilla

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

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Market share


  • INW shisha Vanilla 3847 recipes

  • DIFS holy vanilla 2204 recipes

  • FA Vanilla burbon 770 recipes


  • It is a light bright creamy vanilla as compared to FA bourbon vanilla, which is more of an extract and will stand out

  • Shisha vanilla rounds off the sweetness and helps blends flavors. It is a mellow vanilla, not as dense as vanilla swirl with minimal vanilla spice notes

  • Has an inherit sweetness and can be used up to 2% in a heavy cream mix and as low as .25% to smooth out harsh notes such as a lemon

  • Can have a slight gritty note for some

Percentage 0.5% - 2%

  • 1% the light vanilla notes start to come forward with some sweetness

  • 2% it is sweeter and get more creaminess and fuller body

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