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Updated: Oct 29, 2019

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Market share:

All the flavors: 5240 recipes


Avg on All the flavors 1.3%


  • 1% smooth and creamy not very hazelnut forward, sits more in the middle with a nutty sugary feeling

  • 2% very smooth and creamy more prominent hazelnut flavor and a bit bitter.

  • Almost as if you created a creamy hazel nut paste

  • It also has roasted notes with a buttery, malted, and earthiness.

  • Not as authentic as FA but easier to use and is a must use

Pairs with :

milks cereals cream bakeries, tobaccos chocolates and coffee, fruits


  • 0.5% to 1% Adds an earthy malted note to creams/milk without a forward hazelnut note

  • Used with cereal milk and milkshake for that authentic malt note and adds a silky creaminess

  • Add .5% of FW hazelnut to strawberries that are slightly green to make them more ripe

  • .5% of FW hazelnut to bananas to make them more authentic such as FA banana which is slightly green to ripen them

  • Adds a roasted earthiness to mixes


Used in a cereal milk base


Turning strawberries into a jam

Tootsee roll

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