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Updated: Oct 29, 2019

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Light almost artificial processed cream with scoops of vanilla ice cream - Seems to work best as an additive . Brings a nice inherit sweetness that other cream do not bring to a mix. Does not have a heavy butter note The vanilla is a plain commercial vanilla and can bring up another heavy vanilla but will not alter the vanilla flavor that you may add.

Flavor profile at various percentages-

· 1% - fuller mouth feel then FA cream fresh or OOO creamy milky undertone. Slight waxiness (could be from butter note) . Light vanilla top note This is a full spectrum cream with butter and vanilla notes

· 2% - cream and sweetness much more present - the vanilla did not increase

· 3% seemed to have some off notes

Liam Davey noticed that if used at a higher % Vienna Cream seems to cause muting, especially over a longer steep "I need to rework a custard that I had it in at 2% and after approx. 6months even though the smell is there as well as tasting good on the knuckle there is 0 flavor when vaped, so just something mixers may need to watch out for."


This is not a shake and vape can have an acetone note that will steep out quickly in 4 – 5 days. Tends to be a neutral cream, with sweetness that would pair with another cream . Does not have DAP. Use in recent mixes seems to have decreases as compared to 2 years ago. Has probably been replaced with flv cream and OOO milky undertones, that are more versatile. Also has a longer steep time.

Can work as a milk base in a cereal, can work with a yogurt to add some body and sweetness. Fruits: Works well with blueberry or peach. Can work with a tobacco, nuts, and peanut brittle

Would not use it with watery fruits (watermelon) they seem to clash ( would use a marshmallow or whipped cream in these cases) .

Recipes that use FA Vienna Cream


Tootalls Blueberry and Custard

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