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Updated: Oct 29, 2019

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Market share


  • FA Fuji 81, 869 recipes

  • Cap Fui 3046 recipes

  • JF fuji 295 recipes


  • FA Fuji ( and fuji apple) 5998

  • JF Fuji 336 recipes

  • Cap Fuji 305 recipes

Percentage: .5% - 2%

Profile :

1% A lot of skin, mildly sweet Syrup like after taste with some nice body

2% almost a one shot. Add some sweetener and ws23 to make s a solid apple E-liquid . Full dimensional skin with some body and syrup finish


  • Used with fruits and candies and can be used in bakery. Not as the main apple but an authentic apple note

  • With fruits it just seems to work at a lower percentage to help the other fruits pop and brings in vibrance with out adding a citrus note

  • Does not fade

  • Basically boosts the main fruits inherit sweetness

  • At 1.5% to 2% becomes more of a main note, but not a stand alone apple needs other apples to create a green apple. Pairs well with FA apple stark or FA pear

  • Much as in fruit juices , apple and pear are added to add sweetness this does something similar in fruit mixes.

Recipes :

Apple Juice – Chemist

soccer mom - Kopel

Icee grape - ruderudi


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