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Updated: Oct 29, 2019

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Market Share :

It is used in 54,775 on Eliquid recipes and 3400 recipes All the flavors

Percentages :

.5% to 1%

Can be used higher to really create a very dark sweetness such as in Shydos brown butter Ice Cream in which it is used at 2%


It is a thin caramel rather then a rounded thick buttery caramel. It is a bit dry and gritty, and has an asorbic back note. It is a dark sweetener and provides a caramelized brown sugar note, and is really used more as an additive.

Uses :

  • Used to give a nice dark note to bakeries. Similar to what FLV milk and honey will do. Creates a mallard reaction element to the mix.

  • Not a stand alone flavor

  • Adds a nice sweetness to bakers over sucralose

  • Can add a bit of textural grittiness and a warm dark aroma to mixes.

  • Pairs with bakeries, tobacco ice-cream, nuts, and coffee


Brown Butter Ice Cream

Caramel Custard Crisp

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