Keeping it Easy Downunder: CAP Vanilla Whipped Cream

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Market share

  • ELR it is in 26490 recipes

  • ATF it is in 2899 recipes

Flavor Profile

Slightly sweet, almost overwhipped cream. Borders on a really fluffy whipped butter. Like an over churned ice cream. Has as inexpensive ice cream vanilla note with a medium density but not as dense as a custard or a cheese cake. Also has some noticeable dairy notes. ON the exhale there is a lingering mouth feel that is kind of waxy/fatty similar to a thick home made whipped cream, or like the lingering mouth feel you get after taking a sip of coffee creamer.

Percent’s used

  • Use this around 2-4% to smooth out and add creamy volume to a recipe without any other creams

  • As an additive to other creams 1.5% - 2%


  • Can lighten up a mix and add an additional vanilla note.

  • Can with used at a higher percent (3% – 4%) with another cream to create ice cream

  • Fluff up a bakery a bit such as a cupcake to add some airiness to it.

  • Can be used with berry fruits, would clash a bit with citrus

  • Useful to see how a fruit will pair with a medium body cream

  • Has some emulsification properties

  • Can sub for a less rich or eggy custard.

  • Can add some extra volume in Ice Creams or Custards


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