Keeping it Easy Downunder: Cap Sweet Strawberry

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

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ATF Cap sweet 7, 777 recipes

ELR cap sweet 175, 172 recipies

ATF percentages 3.5%


  • 2% sweetness subtle strawberry with a full mouth feel in building a strawberry little syrup

  • 4% a lot more ripe strawberry not much increase in sweetness full mouth feel and more sryup

  • 6% not much change in the profile but a chalkiness noted


  • Usually layered into a strawberry profile

  • Falls in the middle between a very bright strawberry and a darker riper strawberry

  • When used with super sweet the natural sweetness of the strawberry comes more forward works well with INW shisha strawberry to pull out a darker syrup at a lower %

  • Can also be layered with strawberry ripe

  • Popular with dairy and cream and fruits mixes

  • Can get lost when using with bakeries on its own, but can be used with darker syrup type strawberry such as TPA strawberry ripe or INW shisha strawberry


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