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Recommended percentages

1% to 1.5% for the gummy texture ( going up over 2% will give you a soap / chemical off note)


Not a flavor as much as a texturizer unlike Cap silver line 27 bears or 27 fish, which do have a a flavor . This gives a jelly/gummy texture with a sugar coating to fruit like INW shisha orange, or jammy dark fruit.


  • Under 1% to give jammy fruit a gummy texture such as strawberry or boysenberry, . Does not work well with fruits that may have a top floral note. Works great for a quick shake and vape

  • At .25% it helps to blend fruit together (similar to TFA dragon fruit, TFA peach juicy)

  • Jelly candy at 50% to .75% can also work in a soda mix along with ws23 to provide that sense of a soda base.

  • Works well with TFA Swedish fish used low to add a little more gummy texture and INW shisha orange that sits on top with the orange flavor

Recipes :

GraapVaap -




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