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Updated: Oct 29, 2019

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A nice smooth cream, dairy tasting with no egg flavor or vanilla . Very light buttery note and just a hint of sweetness. it is like drinking a glass of half and half lightly sweetened or a very light whipped cream.


  • Cream of first resort, mild dairy note but does not have any additional tangy notes or vanilla notes. It has a creamy smooth mouth feel with out imparting any distinctive flavor. Can be added to any coffee, toffee, butterscotch and takes the edge off it those flavors without changing the flavor.

  • When compared to TPA whipped cream and Vienna cream - FA cream fresh does not add butter or egg .

  • Compared to TPA dairy milk it is much more like a light whipped cream

  • Feels like a lightly whipped cream rather then a dairy milk

  • Useful as a neutral flavor to SFT fruits with

  • Can take the edge off of lime, peaches

  • Adds a body to fruits. As compared to TPA vanilla ice cream it creates a blank canvas for the fruit to sit on.

  • Compliments and does not take anything away .

  • It is a must have and honestly not easily subbed out in a mix, but Oba Oba can possibly be used with fruits to add a fullness and body for the fruit to sit on. OOO creamy milky undertone may provide some similar properties.

  • Useful to keep a 2% tester of cream fresh to test your SFT of another flavor as you are developing recipes. Several drops cream fresh and of your testing flavor in an RDA to give you an idea of how a flavor will work with a neutral cream


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