Is this Bliss? What is Nic River Bliss?

By Pippa Starr 31 October 2019

Described by Nic River now also known as River Suppy Co. Bliss is said to be:

"A unique blend of tasty Marshmallows and other dessert flavors. Great as a base for desserts or a background! A tremendous flavor to build on with fruits, cereals, and more!"

I mixed this at 3%

What I get is more of a lovely creamy marshmallow with back notes of bright fruits almost melon like but not distinct. I think this would work very well as a base to wonderfully fill out a full cream & fruit experience. While you could vape this alone as it has a lovely balance of sweetness, I think the ideal application of this flavour is to use as a base or to offer a delicious contrast to other creams in a recipe. There is no off notes I get in this and I look forward to playing with this one in any fruit & cream style recipe to see what it can do. I will update this note when I do.

I tested this at 60W on a single 0.2ohm SST Coil on a WOTOFO Recurve RDA.

My overall rating is 4/5 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐


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