How Did you Get started Mixing and Why?

I am always interested in what leads someone to start down the DIY ejuice rabbit hole. For some It may be saving money, or making money by selling it to their friends.. for others it is part of being a hobbyist vapor. For me it was a creative outlet that appealed to the foodie in me. I had been making my own wine for several years . I loved learning about all the grape varietals and their flavor profiles. Some grapes were inherently sweet, floral or had more bold tannin flavors. Then seeing how they would blend with each other and how their flavors changed with bottling over time.

So DIY just seemed like a good fit for me and something I could do. I started to learn everything I could about it. ( that is just my personality - I go full in when I start to learn about something). for about 2 months I watched all the DIY shows I could find on youtube - Fresh in the kitchen, fresh o3, Tuney, Steam Room, New Amsterdam, Jennifer Jarvis, Wayne Walker, Shyndo, Mlnikon, concrete river, MopHead, Chemist, Kopel ,Stars and clouds. and Noted. I would review these mixers recipes and mix them up. By doing this I started to learn how certain flavor profiles could be developed and always had good juice to vape. I learned their signature mixing styles and their go to flavors for certain profiles. I can not emphasis enough how this really accelerates the DIY learning curve . There is soooo much good information available for you to use.... so take advantage of it. redit flavor notes are another site I review regularly

Eventually I started to take some recipes and create re- mixes and tweaks based on my preference for flavor profiles. Through this i learned how that change would impact the over all flavor profile. In the last 8 months i started to make my own mixes taking inspiration from actual food recipes .. and that is my journey so far!

So what are you doing here reading this get out there and get mixin CHEERS!


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