Giving Water-Malone One Shot a Go

So I love - love - love watermelon vapes in the summer - so when I was picking up some flavors from liquid barn decided to support Wayne and pick up the one shot Water-Malone . it was 16.99 USD for 60 ml mixed at 10% - that is a whole lot of juice!!!

Described on the site as follows

"This is a recipe put together out of a need for a real tasting watermelon vape. Too many watermelons are far too artificial and almost medicinal in their flavor. Not Water-Malone. This is exactly like biting into a fresh ripe watermelon, all the way down to the texture of the pulp. When it comes to watermelon - there’s no better."

BUT here is the beauty about this one shot - Wayne also posts most of his one shot recipes up on All the flavors, which is amazing! As a new mixer you can learn so much from reviewing a mix like this. You can mix up many of his one shots and this is another great way to learn how to use flavors and how they interact with each other. The art of mixing is really learning how flavors are dynamic they are NOT static. They change over time as steeping occurs and some flavors back off , blend or become more prominent. This is a great example of a simple 4 flavored mix at a 10 percent that packs a punch of flavor.

4% (CAP) Double apple - a bright crisp apple that adds a fleshy texture to the waterm - and brings some authenticity to the watermelon

2% ( TPA)Dragonfruit - This is a trart sweet red fruit and makes an excellent emulsifier, bringing all the fruits together - due to its high triethyl citrate content. I think this anchors the mix. it also addds that wetness and juiciness a watermelon needs. 2% is all you need to gain those benefits while letting the watermelon stay in the front

0.5% (CAP) super sweet -

3% (FLV) watermelon - At 3% this is a sweet candied watermelon with a bit of the fleshy white rind and works great in this mix as you need that candied base to work from

1% (FLV) wild melon - at 1% is an accent and sort of a blend of honeydew, cantaloupe and watermelon so it provides that additional "melon" tropical note to support the primary candied watermelon

So what do I think ???

if you like watermelon - this is yummy!!!!! - sweet fresh bright and vibrant - with some actual body which historically has been a weak spot in many watermelon vapes. They are either a gummy candy type vape or a just a thin harsh mix. This is pretty much spot on! I can also see adding some lime, mint, basal or sorbet to it and really having a great summer time vape

So yeah really enjoying it - it is a shake and vape but best at 3 - 5 days


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