Flavors Containing Sugar? Safe or Not?

One of our newest members who has been active on ELR for quite some time now brought up a concern about the use of FW Yellow Cake in a recipe and what it contains. I have known that this particular recipe contained some "nasties" that not everyone who mixes/vapes would desire however I like others have taken the approach that dam, this stuff is to yum and versatile to say "no" to.

Is this really a good idea? Please find link to "Woftam's" article below on ELR that also drills deeper with another link to Jennifer Jarvis (amazing flavor mixologist expert) and you make up your own mind whether you wish to continue to keep using a lot of Flavor West flavorings that may contain some potential "nasties". It's your body! Now you be the judge and tell us your thoughts on the comments below :)


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