Flavor Review - FA Cornish Cream Tea

Welcome to my latest Flavor Review Article.

I will be doing many more of these reviews where I will share with you my honest opinions on concentrates as my palette interprets. This may not represent how they taste for you as we all often have varying intensities of flavor perception.

Today, it's Flavor Art Cornish Cream Tea.

Sometimes there are flavors for whatever reason that seem to slip through the cracks and don't get recognized for their potential for greatness. I believe this is one of them.

This is what I get from this lovely cream filled concentrate with a hint of jam and scone/biscuit on the back end.

Please enjoy, comment and give us your thoughts whether you agree or not with any of my flavor reviews and enjoy the journey!

"Together, Let's Discover!"


Testla 220w Steampunk with the WOTOFO "Recurve" RDA with a single Big Boy Comp Wire n90/n80 fused clapton. The core is N90 & the wrap is N80 coil from yetiwire.com set up at 0.21 ohm, wicked with wick’n’ vape “Cotton Bacon” V2 and vaped at 50w


FA Cornish Cream Tea 4% 70vg/30pg ratio steeped for 2 weeks

Flavor Description:

The fullness of mouthfeel with an authentic glossy full cream is just devine, with a hint of deep berry jam and scone in the back it is very good on it's own at this %. It's not over sweet and the cream is the best I think I have experienced in a concentrate to date. The authenticity and mouthfeel is something that I think anyone who loves to mix using cream should try.

A hidden gem, I think :)

Off Flavors: no off notes however I think if you pushed this higher it could taste a bit rancid and lower I don't think there is enough presence.

Uses & Pairings: This would do with a bit of extra Jam, cookie, or cakes IMO. It would be welcome in most creamy bakery profiles with fruit I think.

Notes: , make a donut or cake with this. Use this to consolidate creams where appropriate.

Second Opinions: A hidden gem

What have I learned from this flavor?

It's worth sometimes chancing that extra $3 on an order to try something that may not necessarily be the most popular to see what you can do with a concentrate. This concentrate was exactly in that category and now I think I have found something that will certainly help take a lot of my creamy bakery recipes to the next level. It may not always be this successful ie."chancing" an unpopular concentrate on a order but in this case I'm glad I did. :)


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