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Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Easy does it - episode on vanilla swirl

Profile : light soft serve type of vanilla. It is moderate creaminess and a generic commercial vanilla note. Not much butter or body. Does not contain acetoin.

Uses: Works well as the first vanilla cream to try in a mix, as it is very easy to work with. It thickens and blends flavors very well. It does not dominate the flavor profile and is a nice light vanilla. it also has a shorter steep time then many creams. Also will add an intrinsic sweetness to a mix.

While there may be better cream options (FA crème fresh and FLV cream). Vanilla Swirl is an easy to use generic vanilla flavor to test other flavors with. It works as the starting point for a vanilla cream in a mix. It is a middle road vanilla cream to let you know what a vanilla cream will do in a mix. You can then determine if want a darker spiced vanilla, or a brighter top note vanilla or a thicker cream with less vanilla.

Can be used with some fruit to create a candy and gain some chewiness at around 1 to 1.50% when used with CAP jelly below 1% or Cap 27 bears or 27 fish

But be ware it can also mute some aspects of a flavor profile, which can work for forced muting some off notes in a mix and change the profile for example taking a mango and changing it to more of peach.

Vanilla swirl can also be subbed in mix for TPA vanilla ice cream or FA cream fresh. The mix will have a lighter body but can work in a pinch

Percentages AVG 2% on All the flavors

Recipe examples using vanilla Swirl

Mother of Dragon's Milk

Custard King

Girl With The Dragon Cheescake

3 Dough Nuts


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