Capella Sweet Guava

Aroma : Non descriptive sweet tropical note with a slight floral top note

Tested: on the recurve, alien coils at 2% and 5%

Vaping : on inhale sweet almost bubble gum inhale with a dense, sticky exhale.

A nondescript sweet tropical flavor . Light almost red grapefruit notes with a ripe banana base note . The mouthfeel coats and lingers along those perfume notes

I think it is best described as a canned guava nectar flavor that is very linear through the vape.

. Throat Hit:. Tiny bit that will probably will steep out

USES: if you want a realistic guava, this is not for you . I would try pink guava which has more grapefruit bright notes. It you want a guava nectar, you need to think about some of those top notes especially in combination with fruits that have a strong peel flavor.

Works as an emulsifier for tropical fruits or as base for creamy tropical fruit flavors. I think it works very similarly to dragon fruit

Pairings: Bright but not floral fruits, Strawberries, Raspberries, melon mixes, Pineapple, Mango, Passionfruit, Sweeter citrus, Grapefruit. Hops for a bitter counter-point. Non-sweet creams. Probably too sweet and heavy for prominent use in ice cream or rich custards. I'd avoid nuts, bakeries, and tobacco. Works well with most tropical fruit beverages – sherbets and sorbets


At low percentages (1-2%) it is present and adds a base sweetness and body. At higher percentages it really does blends with any just any fruits you toss at it while bring a very prominent wet sweetness. Adds a nice wet dense vape in the 3% - 6% range not much of a need to go much above 7% as it begins to change a and is very cloying

Some recipes that use Sweet Guava

A great summer time use of Sweet Guava as the main note in a mix

Mix that uses the Pink Guava at a higher percentange by Queeryourvape

Mix that uses sweet guava and pink guava that creates a more realistic Guava by Concrete river

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