Butter Pecan Pie (WF)

By MB 2018

Set- up Tested on the psyclone RDA at 40, 60 and 80 watts at 4% and 8% fused clapton

Profile : This is really a sweet buttery nut forward flavor . Some caramel, graham and light creamy back notes . This is not a pie or a bakery despite being called a pie, there is no crust. I can't really pick up on or a type of pie filling. it does have a thick syrup type of mouth feel.

Some of the buttery notes do fade a bit with steeping

Pairing/uses: This would be a wonderful addition to creating a butter pecan ice cream or pralines and cream custard. Anything where you want a sweet buttery nut addition such as with Granola, cereals, sticky buns , a glazed nut topping for a bakery. Nutty addition for fruit, cream and yogurt - sweet nutty base note for tobacco ( perfect for an RY4) or coffee. I think there is alot of applications with this. NOTE this will blacken/ gunk your coils up especially if using at a high percent.

wonderflavors description: Rich buttery treat that makes for the perfect pecan pie

Recommended percentages 6% - 9% as a stand alone, in a mix 2% - 4% depending on where you want to sit in a mix.

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