Blueberries... a intruging flavor.

This "dreadful" berry, with also "local" variations depending on where in world. Also a harder flavor to work with as the strawberry to get it strong bold pronounced in a mix.

Northern Europa´s bluberry is the Bilberry , thas something ive learned first by diy ejuice.... its always been called bluberry here in Norway even from earlier times as far i know.

That berry have a dark blue/black outer skin, and a purple hued flesh, and grow on low bushes. The blueberry, as Southern Europa & US is growing in higher bushes, have a lighter blue color, and is white in the flesh, Billbery a bit more "acidic".

My notes in comparison of a few Blueberry flavors:

6% TFA Blueberry (needs 7+ days steep)

round tasted, artificial as new mixed, Smells bad when steeped, and still artificial. darker noted ripe type.

3% FA Blueberry Juicy Ripe (needs 12-15d steep)

smells wrong, soft round bold flavor, bit sweet, some greness from bush, seems better than many as new mixed. Gets a more jammy note, before gets more riped midsweet true blueberry. Rounded flavor, touch weak acidic notes as should.

6% Blueberry FW, (needs 12-15d steep)

weaker type, bit sweet,candylike new mixed. Gets darker, but also a touch "grape/currant" artificial note, keep sweetness.

1.5% Blueberry FLV (needs 12-15d steep)

not true in taste, too sweet as new mixed. Gets better, but grows a "grapestyled" note, and a soapy smell. Soapy style weakens over time,, still artificial, some "grape" acidic similarity.

2.5% Blueberry Inw (needs 15d steep)

Sournoted, grapenotes? smells alcoholic as new mixed. Goes to a more midsweet "grapenoted" type.

4% Blueberry SSM (needs 12d steep)

smells shit, sweet tasting but a curranttaste, bright note, not a blueberry? Keeps this notes even steeped.

6.5% Blueberry VSO – (needs 7d steep)

sweet. weak.

-grapenotes here aint directly grape, but a kind of wrong "harshness/acidic"notes - trying to get the flavor more true?

For me it seemes most try to get a ripe darker notes, without direct doing it. Easy gets artificial in taste, or more of a candy type.

Does the new FA Juicy Ripe version hold up against competitors? Yes it does, in my opinion not superb either, but one of best ones now. Seeing forward to try out in mixes with even adjusted notes by bilberry.

Blueberry flavors are quite "similar" as the strawberrys... its easy make a cream with blueberries mix. To make a blueberry in front mix, with cream in back ains so easy.. a month and it will be cream with a faint blueberrynote anyway, pretty much.

This is a way a flavor teach you "how to realisticly use me" .....every flavor can be bendt, but not to whatever, out of its preferences !

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