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First off a disclaimer: I have only been DIYing for a few months now and can be a bad speller LOL also flavour is subjective just because i dont like a flavour dosn't mean you wont about a month ago i got my delivery of the vape train australias concentrate sample pack, Jam it, sour mate, and fizzy sherbet these are my thoughts. (all 70/30)**banana custard ** 6% SAV - can tast the banana and some slight cream note nothing special 1 month- cream is slightly stronger with banana the main flavour reminds me off banana cream (LA) but not as good. would go good with more custard and another banana and does leave the mouth dry.shisha raspberry 5% SAV- not very strong at this % and a slight chemical tast. 10 days later - chemical tast has gorn but is still not strong. 1 month- has come along abit but is nothing special its not real sweet but does have a nice raspberry tast and would probly be good to support other raspberry’s.shisha blackcurrent %5 SAV- a really nice grapie black current 10 days- has held its flavour and seems to be good at this % i mixed this with some kiwi, concord grape and marshmellow and it really supported the grape. 1 month- has not changed much still good i love grape so i am liking this once again it does leave a dry feel in the mouth.shisha strawberry %5 SAV-not bad fairly sweet nothing realy stands out about it probable close to sweet strawberry or red touch imo 10 days- still sweet not overly strong at this % may have dropped a bit i think 1 month- not as sweet and very dry strawberry tast i deffently think the flavour is fadingkiwi fruit 5% SAV- slight chemical tast again could be a bit strong at this % i suspect but does tast like kiwi lol 10 days- flavour has died right back and seems good at this % now its not very sweet but has a ok kiwi flavour. 1 month- ummmmmm were did the kiwi go it has faded back RIGHT BACK sort of chemicaly tasting now can kind of tast the kiwi but but it is apple 5% SAV- not to bad could be a bit strong at this % slight chemical tast but i like it 10 days- not bad it has died off a bit and definitly has a fresh apple tast almost comparable to fuji apple still liking it. 1 month- here we go again same thing as the kiwi. did i mix these to strong ? it tasted fine after 10 days hell it was good.apricot 5% - 2% & 1% SAV- 5% oh my did i melt some plastic on my coil its unvapable need to lower the % 2% mmmm plastic but -3% as strong 1% still tasts like 1% plastic better than 5% i guess lol kind of get a slight apricot on the exhale it might be alright at .25% in somthing maby a plastic tea. I have heard other people say this was nice tho.sour lemon 5% SAV- wow sour this is the first flavour i have thought yer thats sour lol i dont have a huge stash tho reminds me of a lemon lolly 10 days- sourness has died down but has a nice lemon flavour could even be a stand alone 1 month- lemon has faded and sourness has changed to a very slight bitter and has lost a sweet note it did have. this flavour gets stuck in your wick and you canm tast it all day.strawberry milk 5% SAV- strawberry is the main flavour with a cream undertone 10 days- wow this tasts like actual milk not cream or custard but actual milk i am impressed the strawberrry is now the back note something like a bit of strawberry ripe and this will be just like oak strawberry milk 1 month- it got better strawberry is more now and the milk is more back note this could be a good stand alone but would increase %fizzy sherbet for this i mixed the green apple, kiwi and fizzy sherbet SAV- wow really fizzzy feel in my mouth its kind of weird but cool lol tast exactly like apple fizzer candy i had as a kid. 10 days- fizzy has died down and not as intense as sav but still there this is tasting good with the apple and kiwi altho there flavours are fading. 1 month (almost) - fizzy is still present but has faded a bit more and the apple and kiwi are just not doing it justice as they fade away. 📷 ELR | e-Liquid Recipes 1📷Apple fizzer candy - e-liquid-recipes.com1.50% Fizzy Sherbert (VTA) * 4.00% Green Apple (VTA) * 2.00% Kiwi Fruit (VTA) * Tast like apple fizzers jam it i mixed this with some of the strawberry SAV- has improved the strawberry for sure is it jam imo no but i guess it did sweeten the strawberry 10 days- not much has changed is less sweet but not much the jam it imo is a sweetener that goes well with fruit i guess you could call that a jam lol 1 month on i tryed this in another recipe and yes it created a great jam at 1% sour mate yet to really play with this but think it is citric acidthis is my own honest opinion i bought these flavours with my $. hope this helps you even tho i dont know all the fancy lingo like some.


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