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BY MB 2018

Gear - Recurve RDA - tested at 40 and 60 watts with a tri core alien Ni 80

Testing: 4% and 6%, 70/30 VG/PG, Steeped 3 days.

Flavor Description: A generic mixed fruit serbert gummy type candy flavor, that recieved some popularity by CaptainCannibal's jimmy the juice mans Shurb Clone.

The flavors in here are a sweet deep orange/ pineapple, some kind of generic citrus, and raspberry/cheery. The mouth feel is a thicker sweet syrup base, almost like a FA black current. it has a lot of artificial fruit top notes that drop off in the middle and end with the darker cherry/ blackcurrant - red fruit finish . The fruit here tastes what you would get in a gummy bear mix, artificial, but in a brighter fruit flavoring. Sort of like the bright syrup of a primary red energy drink.

off notes: I pick up some of that plastic - cherry off note on the tail end of the exhale, and that lingers for a while. But seems to steep out after day 5

Steeping and percentages: Steeping did not really change the flavor much by day three, the top notes of the citrus ( primarily orange) are slightly more present I think you can use this low around 2-3% to add some complexity and interest to bright fruit mixes, especially tropical flavors. At 6% you get a very prominent red fruit ( cherry/strawberry) for a primary note, either accented by another bright fruit flavor or as a candy base. it's on the sweet and bright side, and there's better definition to that fruit blend. More clear citrus type notes here and generic syrup sweetness. The weird cherry twinge to it hasn't really kicked up from the 4% test.

Uses: Much as sherbet is a nice base to use with light fruit mixes I can see this being a fruit base for a gummy candy, slushie or energy drink . You can add more citrus notes to move it to a vibrant bright citrus sorbet or slushie type flavor profile profile or add more red dark notes to move the the flavor in a red engergy drink or gummy candy. At 6 % -8% could easily be a single flavor vape and with some vanilla swirl or black current a pretty solid gummy type vape.

Some recipes

lemonade fruit mix -

Gummy fruit mix

What are you doing here reading this get out there and MIX!!



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