Arnold Palmer by Nic River, What is it? Is it good?

By Pippa Starr 31 October 2019

What is an Arnold Palmer? Being Australian I barely knew that Arnold Palmer was a famous golfer in history, let alone that he had a much loved drink named after him.

The flavour profile is a lemon/lemonade iced tea that is often but not always spiked with a good shot of vodka.

So what has turned up in this flavour concentrate has not only intrigued me but has also surprised me.

I single flavour tested this at 4%.

This is pretty much a shake & vape and is quite pleasant as a single flavour. I get a lovely fresh yet slightly tart lemon forward with some lovely sweetness with a white tea like center. The vodka type of note is present but not dominant, it reminiscent but not boozy in an unpleasant way. It reminds me of a drinking session when you can't taste the vodka after a few drinks but when you try and stand you find your self reaching for something to get your balance again lol. Seriously though this is a very pleasant flavour that has no off notes I can complain about and can see this being used as a lovely base concentrate for many beverage recipes. I think you could pair this with other fruits that work in a profile that lends itself to being bright & beautiful.

I tested this at 50w on a Single 0.2ohm SST in a Wotofo Recurve RDA

My overall rating is 4/5 Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐


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