5 Minutes Downunder with The Vapor Chronicles - Brian

As one of the best known You Tube Hardware Vape reviewers , the designer of the RDA of 2017 "The Drop" and all round good guy, many may not realise that Brian is quite the e-liquid

DIY'er . He teamed up with one of the best in the game and took it step by step, lesson by lesson and all live on You Tube so we to could learn from his experience. His journey still continues most Tuesday Mornings Aussie Time and Monday nights USA time when he still continues to learn more & more about mixing with the lovely & often hilarious Fresh03. A lot of us have experienced his fun and engaging ways of mixing e-liquid but what else is there to learn from what some people may describe as the master of "Eye Contact".

Let's go 5 Mins Downunder with Brian:

What is a fun fact that not a lot of people may not know about you? I once had the leading role in a musical at my High School. I am a HUGE lover of the performing arts and will try to watch as many shows as I can throughout the year. A typical date night with my wife Amy would be dinner, a live show followed by some hanky panky. LOL Why DIY?

After about a year and a half of doing hardware reviews I was feeling kind of bored by the whole cookie cut review game. I love challenges and DIY was an undiscovered facet of vaping that I was truly ignorant to. I had a hunger for something new and challenging. I also wanted to be more capable of supporting my own personal vaping needs if the government imposed over bearing regulations and control. What would you tell yourself when you started DIY with the knowledge you have now?

Take it slow and don’t take shortcuts. Learn to crawl before you run. This is a process and not an event. Your favourite concentrate? That is an impossible question to answer. Every flavor plays such an important role in creating the balance that is needed to make excellent recipes. Some concentrates taste better as single flavors but none are solid enough by themselves to be great. Kind of like people. Your favourite recipe of all time? Still searching for it. LOL. I have a few that I enjoy but nothing has blown my mind yet.

What is your latest recipe?

I am hard at work on a Strawberry Fried Ice Cream. It is very good and is so close to being complete.

If you were a native Aussie animal what would you be & why?

Obviously the Kangaroo would be an easy choice but I will pick the Dingo. Strength, beauty and a strong need for community sounds like a great life to me. I love dogs (and wolves) so much but sadly I am allergic to them. I am allergic to most animals. I wish a cure for allergies and other autoimmune issues could hurry the hell up. LOL. I got a lot of travel, love and living left to do. Where can people find you? The Vapor Chronicles channel on YouTube,

The vApe Team Channel on YouTube ,

Sunday Nights on Not Another Vape Show on VapnFagan YouTube channel and www.TheVaporChronicles.com The vApe Team private Facebook group. Instagram @the_vapor_chronicles

What have we learned from Brian ?

I think that we have learned that taking on new challenges and not being afraid to share in those with others shamelessly while also having fun is a successful formula. But, who knew Brian could have as easily been a leading man in a leotard on a stage! Brian's zest for life and compassion for community as a whole is something that is endearing and something that I think we can all get a bit from! Thank you Brian for going Downunder and sharing a little more about yourself as we all look forward to much more "Br-eye Contact" in the future!


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