5 Minutes Downunder With Shyndo !

Shy, creative, unassuming, yet good humored are some of the first words that come to mind when I think of Shyndo, while his Elvis style good looks also bring the song "If I can Dream" in to my mind. However, there's always only one thing that is mainly on Shyndo's mind and that is how to create his next fine e-liquid recipe.

Let's dare to go into the amazing mind of Shyndo in 5 Minutes with Shyndo:

Have you been told before you look like Elvis?

Haha, yes a few times actually.I think it's because people remember

him in black and white and im so pale it's basically the same thing.

Why DIY?

I have a penchant for the creative process, whether it be

painting, writing, music. I enjoy it all. I feel the need to

work that creative muscle daily and it helps keep me away from

smoking at the same time! I'd be lying if I said the cost of

production Ejuice wasn't a factor as well.

What would you tell yourself when you started DIY with the knowledge you have now??

Mix other people's recipes! This is the key to not only learning

(which will happen regardless), but learning FAST! People will tell you

to single flavor test everything and they're right about that as well.

I know I personally rely on my sense of smell a lot when blueprinting

but single flavor testing is probably a more reliable, albeit boring

method of getting there quicker.

Your favourite concentrate?

This would have to be a three-way tie between FA Jamaican Rum,

VT Pudding Base, and VT Yoghurt Drink. Jamaican Rum really nails

that spiced rum note that I'm a huge fan of. Pudding base manages

to have a metric ton of crumble bakery texture without tasting like

acetyl pyrazine. Yogurt drink is a bit harder to describe. It's one

part lemon meringue, and one part yogurt drink, all while being

slightly candied.

Your favourite recipe of all time?

Easily Guava Lime Candy by NotCharlesManson. This is not only

an extremely flavorful tart and sweet candy vape, but also

better than just about any commercial liquid I've ever had.

It hits every nail on the head when it comes to perfect balance

and anyone I let try it has instantly asked where they can buy some.

What is your latest recipe?

Black Forest Bacco. https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/87014#black_forest_bacco_by_shyndo

If you were a native Aussie animal what would you be & why?

I would be a Koala because they're basically sloths, and sloths are my spirit animal.

Chilling all day, getting stoned on eucalyptus and sleeping sounds like a dream.

Where can people find you?

People can find me on In the Mix and Vaping Stopgap on thursdays,

as well as Saturdiy with Fresh03! You can also pick up

my one shots at https://www.chefsflavours.co.uk/234-shyndo-shots

and http://www.ecigexpress.com/shop/diy-e-liquid/one-shot-concentrates/diy-mixer-s-showcase/mango-sticky-rice-by-shyndo.html

What have we learned about Shyndo?

We have learn't that not only does he create amazing recipes like "Mango Sticky Rice" & Brown Butter Ice - cream but he also generously gives up much of his time and knowledge to the DIY community sharing his tips and tricks. His creative yet gracious nature is something that I think we can all learn from. Shyndo your a legend mate! Thank you for spending 5 minutes with us to share a little more about your DIY jouney with us here at Diy Downunder!

"Thank You Very Much" (said with an Elvis slant)


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