5 Minutes Downunder with ID-10-T

He's certainly one of the undisputed champions of DIY e-liquid creation but his ability to go out on his own and create amazing recipes that are seemingly simple yet complex yet perfect are just a few of his amazing talents. His recent spate of 1-2-3 recipes are currently setting trends in mixing. Starring on the hit You Tube show "Noted" he is always entertaining with flavor descriptions that are often painfully honest and informative with his flavor discoveries. It's all part of the legend that grows around this dry humored yet lovable boy from Texas in the USA. His name is Dave but many may know him by his mixing handle "ID-10-T" .

Let's learn more about him and go 5 minutes Dowununder with ID-10-T :

Sharks or Penguins & why? Sharks & I don’t have a penguin head costume yet.

Why DIY?

In the beginning? Because I could. Now? Because I can’t stop. It’s become my passion.

What would you tell yourself when you started DIY with the knowledge you have now?

I would have told myself to get a scale. I started out mixing with syringes when few people were just starting to talk about mixing by weight instead and stubbornly ignored them for a long time before switching. It’s so much faster and easier.

Your favourite concentrate?

Flavorah’s Mango. It might not be the best flavor out there. It might not even be the best mango flavor out there. But it changed my life. Every mixing session for a year including mixing something with TFA, CAP, FA, HS, and INW mangoes in various combinations trying to get a great mango vape and being unsuccessful. Then a year into my chasing mango using other brands, FLV came out with this incredible mango and I could finally vape mango without wanting to flip my mixing station over.

Your favourite recipe of all time?

Wow, that’s a hard one. Since it would be too hard to point to just one as my favorite recipes of all time because it is the best-tasting, I’m going to go with the one that had the most influence on me as a mixer, NotCharlesManson’s Strawberry Shortcake Bar. When it comes to authentic representations of things in e-juice form, that one opened my eyes. It’s not the best tasting recipe in the world though, because honestly those strawberry shortcake bars are kind of a shit food. What is your latest recipe?

My latest recipe had to be taken down because it was too controversial. The day before that one, I’d shared three different macaron recipes, though:




Give one of those a try or better yet, try my DIYorDIE 2017 “recipe of the year” contender that the macaron base comes from:


If you were a native Aussie animal what would you be & why? A koala, just for all the koala-ity puns.

Where can people find you?

A. Live on Noted on the DIYorDIE YouTube channel. On the /r/DIY_eJuice subreddit on reddit.com. On alltheflavors.com. On the Ejuicemakers.com website. On facebook in groups such as Mixlife, E-Juice Makers, the DIYorDIE Mixers Collective, Chefs Flavours -- The Kitchen, Mixin Vixens, and now.... DIY Downunder!

Geographically, Texas, which is sort of like Australia lite.

What have we learned about ID-10-T?

Never being afraid to cause a ripple, he's often not far away from a minor controversy but it's only because he cares passionately enough about our industry that he will do what ever it takes in the pursuit of excellence in DIY e-liquid creation. Sometimes you gotta ruffle feathers by being forthright and honest to bring those up around you, but to keep it in good humor at the same time is also a talent that is endearing about Dave.

I think we can all learn quite a bit from him in this regard !

Your legend continues to grow mate! Keep on keeping it real!

Thank you for sharing 5 minutes with us Downunder with hopefully many more in the future :)


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